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Stepping into 2022, what do you need to know when building your online retail business? What key findings about eCommerce have you missed in 2021? Here it is – your latest guide to eCommerce trends for 2022!

Highlights of the WhitepaperDissecting the data about online shopping!

Q:What was the top store category in2021?

Q:How did the Electronic Consumption Voucher Scheme help online merchants?

A:Lifestyle Items was the top store category as well as the highest growth category in terms of number of merchants in 2021. It was, however, another category that enjoyed the highest order volumes.

A:During the distribution of consumption vouchers in 2021, SHOPLINE Hong Kong merchants experienced an annual GMV increase of 40-70%, while total SHOPLINE orders increased by 60-80%. Find out more from the Whitepaper!

Q:How were Hong Kong merchants affected by the supply chain disruptions?

Q:Is O2O still a trend for the market amid the pandemic?

A:65% of the surveyed merchants found it more difficult to maintain adequate supply in 2021 while 59% of the surveyed merchants raised their prices in 2021.

A:The number of SHOPLINE Hong Kong Omni-channel merchants increased by nearly 200% year-on-year. Most physical stores for these O2O merchants are located at… find out from the Whitepaper.

Q:When should I start my livestream for the best sales results?

A:In 2021, the number of orders obtained by SHOPLINE merchants during livestream shopping surged 14 times. Out of the week, Friday was the peak order day.

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Key data andcontent overview

·The Post-pandemic Era: Major Changes in the eCommerce and Online Shopping Market

·2021 eCommerce Trends: Performance of Online Stores by Category

·2021 eCommerce trends: Key Findings in the Growth and Operations of Online Stores

·Featured: Behaviours and Habits of Online Shoppers

·Key Discussion: Strategy and Tips for Online Marketing

·Market Analysis: Social Commerce

·Market Analysis: Cross-border eCommerce

·And More: Fun Facts About Online Shopping

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